Differences in the Characteristics of Modern European and Ancient European House Buildings

Differences in the characteristics of modern European and ancient European-style house buildings – European-style house buildings are one of the building styles that are in great demand by many people. This is inseparable from its unique and special architectural style so that it can attract interest from many groups. In addition, the European-style house building style has characteristics that are quite inherent. The characteristics of these buildings will not be boring and eroded over time.

Differences in the Characteristics of Modern European and Ancient European House Buildings

European-style house buildings themselves are divided into two types, namely modern Europe and ancient/classical Europe. Even though they are both European-style houses, the two have significant differences. Starting from the architecture and even the furniture used in the two types of house styles. Even so, both modern and ancient European-style houses have the same number of enthusiasts. In order to increase knowledge, here are some differences in the characteristics of modern European and ancient European-style houses.

  1. Trends in Use

The first difference between modern European and ancient European-style houses is the trend used in each home style. In general, old European-style house buildings have a distinctive character, which follows the country and the architect who designed the house. So, the style of the house used can be different every time depending on the architect and the country.

As for the modern European-style house building style, it has the characteristics of following current trends and following architectural developments. In contrast to old European-style houses, the designs produced for modern European-style houses do not have to follow the style desired by the architect.

  1. In Terms of Ornaments and Accessories Used

In general, old European-style house buildings are identical with the provision of quite a lot of ornaments. Ornament details are widely used both in terms of the exterior and interior of the house. The carvings used are also very detailed, like gold carvings.

On the other hand, modern European-style houses seem minimalist because they don’t focus much on ornaments. It’s not that there aren’t any, but the ornaments are few or even almost non-existent. In addition, the accessories used on each side are also not as many as in old European-style houses.

  1. Use of Pillars

If in the past the old European-style house was identical with its very magnificent pillars, even now this tradition still exists. Lovers of old or classic European-style houses still like to make pillars in front of the house with striking and very detailed ornaments.

Meanwhile, in modern European-style homes, you will find fewer houses that still use pillars. In some houses, such as modern European-style houses in contemporary style, pillars are still found, but they are not too magnificent and have lots of ornaments. Usually, such houses are referred to as a mix of modern and classic European.

  1. Used Furniture

Finally, of course, the furniture in each type of house is different from one another. You can see, the furniture used in old European-style houses seems magnificent because of its large size accompanied by quite striking carved ornaments. In contrast to modern European-style home furniture which is simpler but still looks luxurious.

Even though they have almost similar names, modern and ancient European-style houses have their own characteristics. Starting from the architecture to the part of the home furniture used. Even so, not infrequently also people choose to combine the style of the house between the two.

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