A leader in planning for Capital Projects and Security Management Planning, V2PM is primarily an Owner-centric consulting firm. It is through the lens of the Owner’s perspective that solutions are developed and deployed.

V2PM provides knowledge that is devoid of conflict of interest. We have only one interest to serve: that of our customers.
We assist our customers by:
  • Being the neutral and independent 3rd party.
  • Being project-based and mission oriented from beginning to end.
  • By using process-based decision making, encouraging accountability and co-operation.
  • Emphasizing Risk Assessment and mitigation at the very early stages of an assignment.
The firm has developed its knowledge both through down to earth, hands on practical experience in the fields of buildings construction and security projects.
Our standard approach is primarily a generic discipline process:
At the core of the V2PM approach is the fundamental belief that process and people are the indispensable twin engines for mission success. In order to continuously improve outcomes, a process based approach should enable two things: The mapping of existing solutions, the charting of a new course and its tracking if adopted. Then turn, its validation would resulting in an improvement feedback system.
In a nutshell, our role is to assist customers in:
  • Assessing current processes (How is the business done now?).
  • Analyze them against the organizational framework (Is that really what the organization wanted by design?).
  • Design as well as recommend quality improvements in processes (Can we do better? ).
  • Controls (Is the proposed way working?).
  • Organize work to meet long term organizational objectives (Are we improving the bottom line?).
Finally, if we look at the importance of process in Manufacturing, we would all agree that it is a very well accepted concept and known to be vitally critical to product development and production quality since the dawn of industrialization and, we submit that, it should also be the case in the field of any mission-oriented management.