Plethovalent Architecture is a full-service architectural firm operating as a sole proprietorship since 2009. The firm’s principal, Dusan Stupar has over fifteen years of experience in the lead role of project architect providing design services to the municipal, institutional, commercial and residential sectors. Plethovalent current clients include institutions such as Hamilton Conservation Authority, York University, church congregations as well as private developers and building owners.

At Plethovalent Architecture, we believe in the importance of public space in society and the necessity of designing in context of the greater fabric of our sites and surroundings. This includes the understanding, study and respect of historic conditions and the principles of historic preservation, as well as the need to integrate modern needs and sustainable ideals. Our clients’ needs and preferences are considered as part of the context in which we design. The integration of barrier free access in all aspects of the design is equally important as historic and contextual considerations. Good design must be responsive to the users and public by having an inherent ‘sense’. As well, the careful consideration of the functioning of the building and efficiency of space allows us to better allocate budgets and great design ideas.

At Plethovalent Architecture design sensibility, value and project management are treated seriously and methodically. The practice is fully automated utilizing AutoCad, Revit and other standard industry supporting software. Our office enlists consulting engineering services as needed by each project. Continued coordination with all team members and early consultation with authorities and codes is considered essential to the process. Good design is assured by making effective and smart choices. We involve our clients as an integral part of the design team and through our professional guidance enable them to make informed choices throughout the process which enhances the final product. Our skill at presenting clear choices, consensus building, and tracking information facilitates decision making and keeps projects responsive, on track, and on budget..