Lightstudio Architectural Lighting and Controls Design

LightStudio is an architectural lighting and controls design studio working collaboratively in the GTA design community since 1997. We are recognized as an industry leader in creating environmentally and economically sound lighting solutions for projects including; Commercial, Automotive, Themed, Residential, Institutional, Hospitality, Master Planning.

We think of lighting as an architectural component which complements the built environment, the aesthetic as well as the human activities therein, and advocate Lighting User Experience (LUX) as the process of enhancing satisfaction and functionality by improving the usability, ease of use, and sustainability in the interaction between the user and technology. 

We begin with communication, by developing an effective lighting design narrative, often an innovative amalgam of the artistic and the technical. Understanding the client’s project objectives is always central to our process. Additionally, we see commissioning as a curatorial quality control; tuning and balancing the lighting is paramount to achieving the intended user-experience, technical functionality and energy-savings from the lighting system.