jh•architecture is a full service architectural firm with a profound depth of design experience; both new and repurposing. We partner with various clients to help them achieve their project goals. jh•architecture is known for innovative approaches to the design of industrial and commercial buildings. We are a Burlington based architectural design firm started in 2009. With a diverse experience base, we focus on developing and applying the best practices to deliver professional consulting strategies that partner with the expectations of individual projects and real estate portfolios. We take the time to understand your unique design perspectives. By implementing BIM (Building Information Modelling) in the design process, the firm, has been able to leverage the
capabilities of better coordinated contract documents which results in cost savings for the client.
The office of jh•architecture is committed to green initiatives in the building industry. The firm’s recently designed and built office space adheres to the specifications of the Living Building Challenge 3.0 for Petal Certification. The Living Building Challenge is a certification program designed to promote environmentally friendly building techniques and materials as well as a healthy environment for building tenants. The office is currently undergoing the certification process and when successful, will become one of Canada’s first certified buildings under the new 3.0 Living Building standards.
In working to design and construct the most environmentally friendly office, the team had to evaluate both how the office would be used and what building materials would be used. Providing mostly an open office concept, the tenant spaces allow everyone to share daylight and natural ventilation, reduced lighting power density, reduced duct work, reduced building materials and it encourages a collaborative work environment. Our office is more than the materials used to build the space; it is the efficient use of resources and the positive interaction of its inhabitants. The firm’s tenant space is a research lab for future projects. jh•architecture can use the lessons learned from projects like this one to help you incorporate affordable green building strategies into
your new build or renovated building designs.
Areas of Expertise: 
– Industrial
– Commercial
– Retail
– Residential
– Renovations
– Retrofitting
– Daycares
– Additions
– BIM (Building Information Modelling)