Firm Profile:

Great design is about real passion, strong emotion, deep attachment and pride of ownership. As a design-driven organization, we create environments that will support our client’s vision and the evolution of their enterprises – the places from which they will write their stories.

Chamberlain Architect Services Limited has been in business for over 30 years. From our very inception, we have considered architecture to be part of an integrated project delivery process. For a design to be truly effective, it has to evolve from true collaboration between all the players — the client, the architect, the engineers, and the constructor. Wonderful facilities are created when everyone is focused on the success of the project and works in an open atmosphere of trust and respect. We have seen this belief proven time and again on the wide variety of projects we have in our portfolio.

Areas of Expertise:

Town/City Halls, Libraries, Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Aviation Facilities, Camps and Recreational Centres, Commercial Offices, Mixed-Use Facilities, Multi-Unit Residential.