Characteristics of Mediterranean House Buildings

At present, most of the house buildings in Indonesia carry a minimalist theme, a style that is very popular and is a favorite of many people. However, did you know that before this minimalist home style, most houses in Indonesia carried a Mediterranean style. Even so, until now this Mediterranean architectural style is still commonly found in various buildings such as cultural buildings.

Although it is quite popular in Indonesia, which has a tropical climate, the concept of a Mediterranean house was actually popularized by existing buildings in the Mediterranean region in the past. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean region itself has conditions where the wind intensity is quite high. It is the influence of these geographical conditions that make Mediterranean house buildings tend to have a strong, tall, and prominent structure.

Mediterranean House Building Concept

This Mediterranean building concept was popular in Indonesia around the 80’s to 90’s. The architectural style that carries a Mediterranean theme generally adapts to the natural conditions around it. There are several characteristics of Mediterranean house building that make this house style quite unique. The following is an explanation of what are the characteristics of Mediterranean house buildings that you should know about.

  1. Tile Made Of Clay, Slightly Circular Roof Shape

One of the characteristics of the first Mediterranean-style house is located at the top. The tiles used for the Mediterranean-style house are made of clay which is slightly reddish brown in color. This color is indeed one of the most widely used colors for Mediterranean-style homes.

In addition to tiles, the shape of the roof of a Mediterranean-style house is generally slightly circular and even round on one side. This round shape is usually applied to the second floor to cover the balcony. While the first floor uses a gable or triangular roof that is not too high.

  1. There are Striking Pillars

Mediterranean house buildings are very identical with the presence of pillars on the front of the house. The purpose of adding a strong and large pillar is none other than to create the impression of luxury and elegance for those who see it. Not only that, pillars also function as a barrier to construction.

  1. Slightly Striking Engraving

The hallmark of a Mediterranean-style house lies in the materials and carvings that are built. In general, Mediterranean-style homes use natural stone and other types of rock such as marble as a finish for exterior walls. The use of these two types of stone will make a Mediterranean-style house look even more elegant and luxurious.

  1. Color Selection Brings Natural Elements Themes

Unlike the case with other minimalist style houses, the Mediterranean house has a characteristic also in the color of the house. The colors chosen are generally calm, but elegant, such as brown, cream, light brown, gray, and ivory white. These colors are also part of the natural soil color.

  1. There are Arches in the Doors and Windows

With just a glance, surely you can already guess the typical Mediterranean-style door design. This style is usually found in the windows and doors. If on the door, the shape is a rectangle with a slightly curved shape at the top. The shape of the arch is so that the air circulation in the house is maximized.

  1. Interior Design

Interior Mediterranean House

The last characteristic is found in the interior design of the Mediterranean house. The interior design and furniture generally follow the appearance on the outside. Starting from tables, sofas, chairs, dining tables, and many other household furniture that carry a classic and elegant design. The dominant colors of the interior are definitely gold and silver. The swimming pool is also one of the icons that characterize Mediterranean buildings.

Those are the six characteristics of Mediterranean buildings that you need to know. How, are you interested in building a house with architecture like that?

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