Create a Modern Living Room Feel This Way!

The living room is one of the important spaces that is the center of attention of the house. The use of an important living room is one of the reasons the design is given great attention. Like the modern living room design that is currently being widely used. Modern design has its own characteristics compared to other designs.

Get to know Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is an architecture that emphasizes the shape of a building that stands out and overrides decoration. Usually, the impression that is displayed is to give a broad impression and look to blend in with the old or without partitions. This insulation is done by using glass or replacing partitions and walls with transparent materials. Not only that, the use of lines at each angle is also reduced. So, it is very visible the area of the building that was created. This modern architecture seems minimalist without being filled with lots of decoration because it minimizes the use of decoration. Well, after understanding the meaning of modern architecture. That is when designing a modern living room. The use of space will be complemented by transparent walls and further accentuate the shape of the building or furniture. In addition, modern designs usually display a simple impression with minimal use of decoration. This simple living room nuance gives a neat impression even though it minimizes decoration.

How To Create A Modern Design For The Living Room

When designing, there are several things that must be prepared in order to be able to realize the desired concept. Here’s how you can do it to create a modern living room design:
  1. Use large mirrors on windows or walls
The use of this large glass can give a modern impression to your living room. This transparent glass gives the impression of being borderless when looking at the front view of the house.
  1. Use neutral wall colors and elements
The use of neutral colors can give a broad and modern impression. Usually the colors that are often used are white, light brown, and other colors. When using color try to use no more than 2 colors, or use a combination of adjacent colors. So that the color combination looks more unified and soft.
  1. Use light furniture
The use of furniture with light shapes and materials gives you the opportunity to design a room that is wider and simpler. In addition to light options, use only as much as needed. Until a neat and modern impression is created.
  1. Choose the decoration as needed
When choosing decorations, try not to display them too much. Decorations that can be used include original ornamental plants, artificial plants, wall hangings in the form of pictures or writing, statues, and others. Try to display decorations that are able to give an aesthetic but simple impression by displaying just a few of them. The use of a little decoration is a plus in this modern living room concept.
  1. Use furniture with minimal motifs
The selection of furniture with minimal motifs gives the living room a simple and neat feel. Without the need for many motives, the atmosphere seems neater and more luxurious. Because the main impression in modern design is to highlight the shape. So, this method can be a solution. After an explanation of the ways that can be done to create the feel of your living room to be modern. Now you have an idea of what to do when designing a modern living room. This method can of course be the solution. Don’t forget, pay attention to the area of the room and prepare furniture according to your needs. So that the impression of modern and minimalist can be created. That’s all from us, hopefully useful.