Perkins+Will was founded on the belief that design has the power to transform our lives – in commerce, our culture or our communities. By gaining a holistic view of our clients’ vision, needs and context, and adding creativity and innovation, our work solves complex problems and transforms our clients’ businesses and missions, often helping to make them leaders in their fields. We believe that built environments should reflect context, history, cultures, communities and the natural environment while incorporating advances in technology.

We are committed not only to wasting less, but to creating regenerative designs which heal their local environments and their occupants. Perkins+Will is at the forefront of the healthy building materials movement and has helped raise awareness of how building materials and finishes may relate to human and environmental health. Some of the research and tools we created are available to the public on our Transparency website.
Communities around the world are promoting active, healthy lifestyles through changes to the built environment. Perkins+Will is leading innovative solutions for healthy community design by developing places where everyone can safely walk, bike, use transit, and access open spaces. We go even further to bring health to ailing urban landscapes, helping cities reclaim obsolete infrastructure systems like abandoned railroads and parking lots, industrialized waterfronts, and vacant malls, and reimagining them as conduits of healthy, urban life.
Perkins+Will operates as a global firm providing local relevance with global expertise. The firm practices regionally with 1,500 employees located in 23 offices on 4 continents. The Dundas office was established in 1992 and provides full service planning and design.
Perkins+Will has the largest portfolio of completed green projects in Canada. Our commitment goes beyond buildings; we also research, educate and are heavily involved in the development of public policy and sustainable guidelines for clients around the world. To date the firm has over 1,200 LEED Accredited Professionals, 100 LEED Certified projects and over 200 registered with the Canadian Green Building Council.